The Driver Era: Ross and Rocky Lynch introduce their new music project after living their best high school experience

PHOTOS: Valheria Rocha
STYLING: Marissa Motley
GROOMING / HAIR: Hajja Barnes using M.A.C, Urban Decay and Elice Cosmetics
WORDS: Thilda Riou
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Jasmine Perrier

It was 10AM in Vancouver when the Lynch brothers answered our call between two cups of coffee to tell us everything about The Driver Era. After spending a long time in their former band R5, Ross and Rocky are now thrilled to work on their new music project. As they are still figuring out the future of the band, they are definitely not putting any brake to their creativity. “I don’t think there’s any limitation on what can come from The Driver Era, which makes it even more exciting,” Ross comments.

The Driver Era is an explanation of beauty and life

Originally from Littleton in Colorado, and growing up with their other siblings, Ross and Rocky have been into music since they were kids. “We always wanted to do exactly what we are doing,” Ross explains. “We’re fortunate enough to be in certain situations where it actually became possible for us to have a career, and we love it.” Their passion for music was quickly fulfilled when they created their band R5 in 2009 with their brother Riker, their sister Rydel and long-time friend Ellington Ratliff. In 2013, they released their debut album Louder, and they toured the world ever since. “We like to call that our high school experience. It really was the best high school experience anyone can ask for. We got to travel the world, we got to do what we love and play in front of adoring fans all the time.”

 People ask us a lot what the band is about. More than anything, it’s about whatever we create and whatever that means

Today at 22 and 23, Ross and Rocky are eager to progress in the music industry and to challenge the boundaries of their creativity. “In the beginning of The Driver Era, we had this idea of the way we wanted to do the music. But the control got out of our hands, and we actually had to reset,” Rocky says. “People ask us a lot what the band is about. More than anything, I think it’s about whatever we create and whatever that means,” Ross adds. “I think that The Driver Era is an explanation of beauty and life.”



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