The Mysterious House on Hoarder Hill: Meet the writers Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai


Emmy and Paddy were superb. They’re intelligent young actors

‘‘When two children reluctantly spend time with their reclusive eccentric grandfather, they find themselves on a quest to solve the mysterious disappearance of their grandmother decades earlier. Searching for clues, they uncover dangerous magic and secrets from their grandfather’s past as a magician, because in the house of a magician you never know what – or who – you will find.’’

Once upon a time The Mysterious House of Hoarder Hill, a story written by Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai, two long-time friends from Australia. They were introduced eight years ago by Kelly’s brother Douglas, who had previously worked with Mikki on a few lms. ‘‘We began exploring the idea of Hoarder Hill a couple of years ago, but then got side tracked with another children’s screenplay that we were working on,’’ they both say. The story initially called ‘‘Hedy Hoarder’’ kept rising back into their consciousness and it ended up being their primary focus

‘‘It began as two children who stumbled into a derelict house owned by a hoarder, and amongst those hoarded possessions they unearthed magic,’’ Mikki tells about their initial idea for this exciting project. ‘‘People responded to it before they even really knew what the story was. We thrashed the original idea around and we decided it was a bit too dark and tricky for kids, so we had to come up with another reason for our young characters to be drawn to this place full of magical objects,’’ Kelly adds. From now on, you know how all this journey started off. And the trailer that they released early September certainly proves that they have come a long way with their story. Today they are proud to introduce us the work they adapted, surrounded by a talented and loving team. If you haven’t been enchanted by The Mysterious House on Hoarder Hill’s world yet, check out now their trailer on YouTube!

Check out our full chat with the founders of this story Mikki and Kelly in the Oct-Nov. 2017 issue


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