Erin Moriarty: On finding her place in the acting world and playing an empowered female superhero on ‘‘The Boys’’

PHOTOS: Sela Shiloni
STYLING: Masha Ossovskaya
MAKEUP: Kira Nasrat
HAIR: Aaron Light
LOCATION: Brick House Studios LA
WORDS: Parker Schug

Regimented Erin Moriarty has been working hard since a young age to find her place in the acting world. By spending a great portion of her time studying the art of acting as a teen and ultimately developing a love for this career path, she has found ample success. However, this is only the beginning for 25-year-old Erin being that she has an exciting project soon to be released, as well as many more in store for her future.

I saw the way these strong female leads influenced me when I was a young woman, and I developed the desire to do the same for other young girls

As a child, Erin’s father and her New York City lifestyle made it hard not to fall in love with acting. Following her parents’ divorce, she spent half of her time with her dad. ‘‘He’s a total cinephile,’’ Erin says. She described that through constantly watching movies, and learning about the different intricacies, she longed to become a part of this magic. ‘‘What preceded the desire to be an actress was to be some sort of creative that was involved with making movies. I wasn’t sure right away what position I wanted to play in that.’’

Any time I go through those periods of really resenting the audition process, I’m humbled. I don’t work as much as I want to, and I’m reminded that I just have to be grateful for every acting opportunity I get

Erin’s draw to the acting world did not only lie in cinema. Growing up in what she described to be the ‘‘amazing, diverse, melting pot,’’ known as New York, she also found inspiration in live performance. ‘‘Originally my desires to act were mostly to be on Broadway, or in theater because that’s what we had access to.’’ In addition to the exposure that New York provided, Erin felt extremely fortunate to have many acting schools, and teachers in close proximity, giving her the ability to try many and attend the one best suited to her acting goals and abilities. One value that Erin did not lose sight of while pursuing an acting career was her education. ‘‘I just took as many of the quote-on-quote amateur theater jobs that I could take, for the experience of it, while also being able to stay in school and focus on my studies.’’



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