Alex Fitzalan: On the impact of ‘‘The Society’’ and his new level of stardom

PHOTOS: Ashley Frangie
STYLING: Veronica Graye
GROOMING: Grace Phillips using Oribe /
WORDS: Jasmine Perrier

Brisbane native Alex Fiztalan was set to break out in a Netflix sensation we didn’t see coming. He describes us how strange it was for him, when fans recognized him while he was staying in Rome in June. When we caught up with him over the phone, he was in the middle of a trip in Europe. He explains he was invited in Milan for the Fashion Week, and then was planning on visiting Paris and trying out the traditional French food. The Australian actor is one of the leading figures of Netflix’s compelling new drama The Society which came out last May 10th, and he is surprisingly calm about everything that came with that and his new level of stardom.

There are a few things in my career that I noticed different. But in terms of my personal life, everything has stayed the same. I’m really grateful for that

Hailing from the Gold Coast in Australia, Alex Fitzalan was raised in Sydney and Brisbane. Growing up, he found himself an interest in the film industry at an early age. But it wasn’t until his twenties that he finally decided to try his luck as a professional actor. ‘‘Where I grew up was really rude. I remember I was bullied for wanting to be an actor when I was in grade 7. So I buried that dream deep inside myself,’’ he reveals. ‘‘Then when I was 20, I started doing commercials again and I realized how much I loved it and how much fun I could have with it.’’

There is just so much out there, that I think I would want to do

Before becoming a full-time actor in the United States, Alex was studying at university in his native country, but it didn’t prevent him from falling more and more in love with acting. ‘‘I couldn’t make up my mind what to study. I started with law and I did that for three and a half years. Then I took six months off, I came back and I started marketing,’’ he mentions. After graduating from his marketing degree, it was time for him and his dreams to move from Brisbane to America.



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