Gavin Leatherwood: ‘‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’’ actor is a new star for a generation

PHOTOS: Raul Romo
STYLING: Wilford Lenov
GROOMING: Marley Gonzales
LOCATION: Courtesy of Fay Ftouni at Klik Studio

If you have already binge-watched Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you may recognize Gavin Leatherwood for his recurring role as Nicholas Scratch. At 24 years old, the actor is working his way up into the acting industry and has definitely a brilliant journey ahead of him. With genuine kindness and passion, he shared some thoughts with us over the phone.

A year ago, I was just a guy who wanted to be an actor and had no idea how to really get there

Diving into imaginative worlds is something that Gavin has enjoyed doing since he was little. At that time, the simple joy of playing different characters with his best friend during recess at school had already sparked something in him. ‘‘It was just so fun to get lost in that imagination,’’ he mentions. Growing up around theater, his first professional play was at only 6 years old. ‘‘The opportunity to kind of start was a fairly easy transition, since my family was involved in it all.’’

Now I’m able to live my dream because I kept believing in it. If you have a dream, you have to honor that and chase it. Anything is possible. I just want people to know that

Being a part of that first play was really exciting for him. ‘‘I remember having that same joy that I had on the playground during recess, except it was with adults,’’ he says. ‘‘They were playing in this same imaginary world, just like me, and they believed in it as much as I did.’’ When he got older and realized that he could be an actor for the rest of his life, he knew that this was what he wanted to do.



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