Laura Marano: On introducing a new chapter of her life pushing herself out of her comfort zone

PHOTOS: Derrick Freske
STYLING: Seth Chernoff
MAKEUP: Gregory Arlt at Forward Artists for MAC
HAIR: Giannandrea at Forward Artists for Design. ME Haircare
LOCATION: Andaz West Hollywood
WORDS: Jasmine Perrier

‘‘I’ve never been to Paris,’’ Laura Marano says as she picks up the phone while driving in LA traffic. In a few days, the actress and singer will celebrate her 23rd birthday, and she is ready to introduce a new chapter of her life with her genuine and positive personality, clear talent, and authentic vibes — especially through her music career after deciding to go independent, and her upcoming film projects like Saving Zoe she produces with her mom Ellen and sister Vanessa.

 I already feel overwhelmed in the best way with everything I am doing and want to accomplish

‘‘How it happened was a kind of an accident,’’ Laura starts when telling how she ended up in the entertainment industry she has been involved in pretty much non- stop since her childhood. Growing up in Los Angeles, Laura knows there is something about performing she has always loved and she was for sure in the right city to chase her ambitions. ‘‘I can’t really imagine my life without it,’’ she admits. ‘‘It would have been so much harder, more difficult, if we weren’t in LA. I feel really lucky. But I have to say, I don’t live in Hollywood or where the business is. I grew up detached from that part. I have plenty of friends who are not into the industry at all.’’



It’s really scary to do things that push yourself out of your comfort zone, but that’s what I’m focusing on for the next chapter of my life

Starting her acting career when she was in kindergarten, Laura followed in the footsteps of her older sister Vanessa when it came to appear in front of the camera. ‘‘My sister really wanted to act, and my mom owned a children theater,’’ Laura says. Knowing how tough the acting industry could be, it took time for the Marano sisters to convince their mom, who was ‘‘so against the idea.’’ But Laura’s sister was persistent and continued begging their mom every day for two years. ‘‘So my mom looked up some agents and found the agents that turned down kids 95% of the time,’’ Laura adds. To her mother’s surprise, they wanted to take Vanessa and 5-year-old daring Laura who had followed her mom and sister around mentioned that she didn’t have an agent. ‘‘Oh honey we will take you too,’’ they answered her.



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