Raegan Revord: On “Young Sheldon” and her bright aspirations in the entertainment industry

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She is brazen. She is mischievous. She is Sheldon Cooper’s twin sister. But who is the adept actress behind Missy Cooper on Young Sheldon? Since Raegan Revord was a little kid, “like really little”, she has always loved putting on shows for her friends and family. 

“Ever since I saw Hamilton, I’ve wanted to create a kid friendly show, because as you probably know, it’s a bit inappropriate,” Raegan starts. Using whatever she could find around the house, she constructed costumes and performed using a wooden board as her stage. And when it came time for her to play the role of Missy, the solid relationships she formed with the cast made her work that much more captivating. “When we first met, we all got along right away,” Raegan says. “But now that we’ve been together for so long, we’re much closer because I see them every day.” The cast members travel together frequently, with Raegan having just returned from Houston with the boys when we talked.

Since Raegan is just ten years-old, she can only work a nine-hour day on set, with three hours of school to fit into that. Each young actor in the show has their own teacher, and Raegan learns with Miss Sandy. “And she’s amazing!” Many might assume Raegan has seen the show Young Sheldon is based off of, The Big Bang Theory, but she actually hasn’t seen an episode aside from clips the producers sent when she tested for the show. “They wanted to hear me with an accent to see how it worked, but we actually didn’t end up using it,” she admits on the southern accent the creators considered. 

I would love, love, love to be in a Marvel movie

The charming actress explained to us that season 1 episode 14 was both her most fun and challenging episode to film, purely because of the fire extinguisher scene. “It took a lot of takes to see which one worked, but one of them threw me back three or four feet,” Raegan mentions. “So when I went flying back, I was shaking and crying.” Of course, they managed to find the fire extinguisher that worked, and Raegan nailed the scene. Combatting nerves for her isn’t a problem, despite working on a show watched by 15 million viewers. “I didn’t even know that many people watched the show until I heard the question,” Raegan says. “I was like oh my goodness, but we’re actually a very close set so I feel very comfortable.”

Raegan knows the next thing she wants to explore as a performer. “I would love, love, love to be in a Marvel movie,” she states. “It would be so fun to do the stunts, I’m gonna be like Super Girl, dun dun dun dunnnnn,” Raegan adds, mimicking the Superman theme. Her favorite superhero from the most recent Marvel feature she saw, Avengers: Infinity War, is Black Widow. 

Ever since I saw “Hamilton”, I’ve wanted to create a kid friendly show

Because of her passion for Hamilton, Raegan would love to work with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and star of the prominent musical. “He is just so talented and creative, and he is a good person too, he does everything,” Raegan says. “I’ve never met him, but my friend did and when my mom told me, I got so jealous I started crying. That would make me the happiest person ever.” Two other Broadway stars she uses for inspiration are Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. Although they are original Wicked cast members, Raegan says she has yet to see the show in person. She has however listened to the music, read the book and seen countless YouTube videos. The main reason she enjoys it though makes one admire this blossoming Young Sheldon actor even more. “It teaches everyone that it’s okay to be different, and that we should love and respect people even if they are different,” Raegan outlines. 

Not only does she love to act, but Raegan is also an aspiring author. Ever since she did a school report about the gold rush and heard that a bunch of people enjoyed it, she decided to craft her own book. Entitled My Story as a Gold Nugget, Raegan noted that this is an adventure and comedic book. “We are looking for a publisher,” Raegan reveals. “I’m actually halfway through writing it, but I wanted to start early so we don’t have to be looking and looking and looking once it’s done.” If she wasn’t an actress, Raegan’s passion for animals tells her what her next path could’ve been. “I love animals so I would want to be a horse trainer or a vet,” Raegan explains. “So far, the plan is to rescue animals from kill shelters and slaughterhouses, so I want to have a lot of land so I can rescue so many more.” 

Exemplifying the sweet nature of Raegan Revord, she wanted to end our interview by thanking the fans for making Young Sheldon so successful. There is no doubt this is a budding entertainer who has many more performances and adventures in her future. 


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