Jack & Jack: On being progressively led in the direction of their passions

PHOTOS: Krissy Saleh
STYLING: Andrew Pedro
GROOMING / HAIR: Jaclyn B. Makeup
LOCATION: RagDoll Pink Palace
WORDS: Jasmine Perrier

‘‘That shoot was definitely very unique, we had a really great time,’’ says Jack Johnson as we first met with him and his work partner Jack Gilinsky in Los Angeles. A few days later, we sat down with them and discussed their transition from being a comedy duo to making pop-rap music. Johnson and Gilinsky joined forces to become ‘‘Jack & Jack’’ when they were teenagers, and they have kept moving forward together ever since. They never had a preconceived idea that Jack & Jack was about to be a thing, until they started attracting attention all over the web when Vine was the most popular video app. As they grew up using their platform to spread their craft, they are now signed artists who sell out shows across the world and continue to rise to the top of the charts, proving they are much more than social media stars.

If you truly are passionate about something, at least go for it

Both natives of Nebraska, Gilinsky and Johnson linked up on the first day of kindergarten. As surprising as it may sound, fate wanted them to have the same first name. ‘‘Jack and I have been friends since as far back as I can remember,’’ Johnson starts. ‘‘I think we always were Jack & Jack. We were naturally drawn to each other, to be friends in school. That put us on the same creative way for sure. There wasn’t like a force that brought us together, it’s just the universe I guess.’

If a song helps one person, then you know that song is worthwhile

Gilinsky and Johnson first appeared together as a duo on Vine in 2013, at the time the former video app was breeding new digital stars at lightning speed. Among the most successful being Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson who ended up forming just one unit: Jack & Jack. Even though their story in the forefront of the entertainment world began with comedy videos, music has always been a major interest of theirs. ‘‘I guess music was always something that was a part of our life. It was more natural than anything, we were just pushed into it,’’ Gilinsky says. ‘‘Me and Johnson were very interested in what the process was, to make an actual song. I have a lot of favorite songs and I’ve always wondered how this actually gets made.’’



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