Nathaniel Potvin: On making use of his influence in Hollywood to bring in diversity

PHOTOS: Aanya Nigam
PHOTO ASSISTING: Brandon Densley
STYLING: Veronica Graye
WORDS: Parker Schug
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Jasmine Perrier
LOCATION: The Kimpton Everly West Hollywood

Nathaniel -Nate- Potvin is the farthest thing from an ordinary teenager. Not only has he been dancing since the age of 7, but he has starred in many major productions such as the Target, ‘‘Back-to-School’’ commercial, Disney XD’s Mech-X4, as well as the Netflix original sitcom Alexa and Katie. What makes Nate so unique though, is his extensive list of hobbies outside of his career. Some include cooking, photography, and working with fashion. Additionally, Nate makes use of his influence in Hollywood in order to discuss the strides still necessary to bring in diversity.

I don’t want to be known as a celebrity that acts

After only a few years of practice, Nate booked his first big dance role in Target’s ‘‘Back-to-School’’ commercial. This proved to be a great experience because of the connections Nate made throughout this process. When discussing his first professional gig, Nate stated, “I met some really nice people and made a lot of friends.” Additionally, this opportunity was monumental because it propelled Nate towards pursuing an acting career. “I thought it was a solid transition as way to appear on television for the first time. I had known for a while that I wanted to act, but booking the Target commercial really showed me what set was like as a dancer/actor.

There shouldn’t ever be a lull in your dreams

Just recently, Nate has taken on the role of Ryan Walker in Disney XD’s Mech-X4. Ryan, a freshman at Bay City High School, discovered his telepathic powers when dumping a dumpster on his brother Mark. Throughout the show, Ryan uses these powers to control Mech-X4, a fifty foot robot to protect his town from harm. As you may imagine, this role was filled with stunts, and action. Nate accepted this challenge with open arms. In describing the process of developing Ryan’s character, Nate explained it was extremely physically demanding.



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