Lola Flanery: On acting opposite figures she trusts in Shadowhunters and The 100

PHOTOS: Tatiana Katkova
WORDS: Sammy Stricklin
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Jasmine Perrier

It’s time for you to meet Lola Flanery. Whether you know her as The Seelie Queen from Shadowhunters, Madi from The 100, Isabel from Home Again or this is your first time hearing about her, you will realize that Lola is an incredible girl behind the camera who has the ability to sweep you off your feet in a matter of seconds.’’

How and why I got here in the first place? I think it was written in the stars

Starting in modeling when she was younger ended up making her want to perform more in front of a camera. ‘‘My agent at the time suggested acting classes. My mom signed me up and I loved it,’’ she recalls. And now before even reaching teenage years, she’s starring alongside many famous industry professionals that have their names everywhere such as Eliza Taylor, Harry Shum Jr. and Reese Witherspoon. No matter who Lola is acting with, she is the star the second her face shows up on the screen.

To act opposite someone you trust is the best thing in the world

When asking what inspired her to keep getting in front of the camera, Lola replied that she just really loves what she does. ‘‘I feel so lucky that I have a job that I love and that I found it at such a young age,’’ she says. ‘‘I think being 12 is the key.’’ Even when she has downtime on set, Lola wants to have fun. ‘‘I’ll be dressed in my post-apocalyptic Madi wardrobe and trying to get people to play hide and seek with me.’’



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