Mina Sundwall: On getting Lost In Space and supporting the youth around the world

PHOTOS: Tatiana Katkova
WORDS: Jasmine Perrier

At only 16, Mina Sundwall is on her way to become your new favorite ginger teen heroine. If her name isn’t familiar to you yet, it’s only a matter of time before you get lost with her in space as she stars in the new series Lost In Space which premiered on Netflix last April 13th.

I want to learn how to find a story in every written page

Born and raised on the East Coast, Mina is a native of New York who grew up in a city that has inspired her every day. ‘‘New York is a movie in itself. It’s enough to sit on the subway on the way to school to see that everyone around is a fully developed fictional character. Inspiration is everywhere, and what’s most fascinating is in every little detail.’’

The beauty of the creative world is that it’s all interconnected

Surrounded by such an inspiring environment, Mina remembers having photos of herself at age 3, putting on dramatic shows in her family’s living room with complicated storylines and lots of dolls with different voices and characters. ‘‘I loved the idea of getting to be a different person in different scenarios,’’ she says. ‘‘That got me in trouble more than once, especially when my teachers called my mom at home checking in on some new phenomenal adventure I had said my family was supposedly embarking in.’’



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