Mikey Murphy: On his creative aspirations in the entertainment world

PHOTOS: Carrie Rogers
STYLING: Deborah Gunther
WORDS: Jasmine Perrier

Before being a full-time creator in sunny Los Angeles, Michael -Mikey- Murphy could look like any average teenager when he started being involved in the entertainment business from his hometown in New Jersey. This still remains the case today, except the 20 year-old entertainer became a successful public figure who is now followed by thousands of people not only in America, but also all around the world. Just look at his YouTube channel initially called ‘‘MikeIsAverage’’ that has accumulated over 1.5 million subscribers and 80 millions of views in five years. As part of the new generation of modern influencers and creatives, Mikey is aware of the importance of his voice. Thus, he is strongly committed to use it to tell the stories that he thinks need to be told, while still entertaining his audience.

Everyone is trying to be a different part of the puzzle

Mikey remembers him being very young, when he felt he was interested in evolving behind and in front of the camera. ‘‘It started as far back as I can remember. Even as a baby I’d always be pitching for the camera,’’ he says. ‘‘As I got a little older, I started school and I started to see that YouTube was a thing. I was immediately drawn to it. I wanted to do it, I wanted to be a part of it. It was really this thing that was a part of me.’’

No one is going to walk up to you. It’s a tough industry

Growing up, Mikey’s curiosity developed at the same time as his interest in entertainment. He was in 6th grade, when he found out he enjoyed making films and videos. Everything started with a school project for his science class he did with one of his best friends. ‘‘I wasn’t doing very well in class, and my teacher said she would offer 7 extra credit points,’’ Mikey recalls. ‘‘We recorded and made the most crazy video ever, we added every effect that we could find on Windows Movie Maker. We exported it and we showed it to our class. The whole class laughed the entire time and I thought this was a lot of fun,’’ he says. ‘‘I love entertaining people, I love making something and then getting to watch it with others, and have them respond to it.’’



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