Celebrating Grumpy Magazine as Issuu’s Publisher of the Month

However difficult life may be seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at —Stephen Hawking

At the beginning of the month, our founding editor-in-chief Jasmine Perrier sat down with our digital platform Issuu to discuss Grumpy Magazine’s story as they chose us as their Publisher of the Month. That being said, we are so happy and honored to announce that we will be working on exclusive content with Issuu throughout April in order to share with you a part of our inside world and creative process. Stay tuned! We feel truly grateful to be surrounded by the best people of the industry who have been trusting us since day one, to be collaborating with the most amazing talents, and last but not least to be supported by a community who sends us love every day and believes in what we do. You can already check out our interview with Issuu on their blog.

Hard work always pays off, even if it takes time. Stay true to yourself, don’t hesitate to take risks and try new things. That’s what will make your uniqueness —Jasmine Perrier for Issuu


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