Tasya Teles: On showing the other side of her character in ‘‘The 100’’

PHOTOS: A.J. Diniz
STYLING: Ashlee Cichon / Thrift and Best
BEAUTY: Ayling Chen
WORDS: Jasmine Perrier

Although filming schedule is somewhat tricky when we are in the middle of a production, we caught Tasya Teles in Vancouver, her current place of employment and the city of her childhood. She had a day off from The 100 set, when we shot her in the heart of Gastown. Since 2015, Tasya has been dedicating herself to Echo, her role in The CW’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi show created by Jason Rothenberg. As she has been promoted to series regular for season 5, Tasya couldn’t be more delighted to be able to discover new facets of her daring character and thus continue to shape her story.

The 100 family is so special

Native of Toronto, Tasya didn’t grow up with the desire to evolve in the lm industry. She had gone to Concordia University in Montréal to study commerce, a very different eld from acting. However she soon realized that it wasn’t what she was meant to do. The real starting point of her career was when she was 25. Her love for theatre prevailed and she dared to take another direction, despite her family’s fears. ‘‘When you take on an artistic career, you never know how it’s going to unfold,’’ she says. ‘‘My parents are very academy type so when I said I wanted to be an actor they were both terrified.’’ (she laughs)

Tasya’s interest in performing was sparked by the forms of freedom of expression and storytelling that it brought her. ‘‘It was always something that I loved doing,’’ she admits. But her passion for acting grew a few years ago when she started working in Los Angeles with an acting coach to improve her skills and to push her artistic boundaries. ‘‘He brought an integrity to acting. It was something about telling different people’s stories, some different perspectives and the struggle that everybody goes through,’’ Tasya tells. Therefore her time in Los Angeles helped her shape her beginning stages of learning. ‘‘You can’t be an artist without being political,’’ he advised her. Listening to that point, Tasya found powerful the fact that so much of art and storytelling that artists do is discussing or exposing a reflection of society and its values.


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