T H E – F O U N D E R

At 21 years old, Jasmine Perrier is an aspiring entrepreneur who doesn’t hide her desire to succeed what she undertakes. After graduating from high school, she moved to Paris where she obtained a degree in communication in July 2019. While studying at Panthéon-Assas University, she became an independent publisher at the age of 18 when she founded Grumpy Magazine that has been self-publishing since August 2016, driven by her strong interest in journalism, media, public relations and creative content, and passion for the entertainment and fashion worlds.

Hosted online by the digital platform issuu.com, Grumpy Magazine is also available in print all over the world through a print-on-demand service offered by Peecho. Reaching today almost 3 million impressions worldwide, Jasmine never stops working hard to grow her brand on an international scale. She has more than one trick up her sleeve as she currently functions as the magazine’s editor in chief, designer, project manager and maintains her role in public relations, community management, business development and content creation.

While Paris is still home base for Jasmine, she continues to expand her network across the world and develop projects from Los Angeles to London, New York and Vancouver with international teams she manages. With a strong mental and thirst for knowledge, Jasmine balances her booming career as an editor with her education, working with some of the biggest industry experts.

Social media handle: @jazzieperrier
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