Ben Tedesco | Writer/Director (Los Angeles)

Who is Ben?

I am a writer/director who has found a home behind the camera creating visually inspiring images and bringing emotional storytelling to the screen. I have worked with top-tier brands such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Guinness, Heidi Klum Intimates, and Purina. My work has been honored at Cannes Lions Advertising Festival and featured in Shoot Magazine’s exclusive New Directors Showcase. I am also developing a television series and working on finding funding for my first feature film.

Having worked almost every position in the commercial production industry – from a production assistant to production supervisor, and director of photography to writer/director, I am a unique hybrid in the industry.

What is Ben looking for?

Creative outlets. A way to continue to pay my bills through this quarantine. Build relationships and work on developing projects that we can create now and after this pandemic has subsided. Just because we are trapped in our homes or with friends doesn’t mean we can’t write, film, or just create. We just have to get creative with what we have in front of us. I can help brands keep creating meaningful or amusing content. I can write a script with a fellow writer or producer. I can brainstorm an idea and film a short film or series of films for the internet. I’m open to suggestions and just want to have reason to be every day through this.

What I’m doing and how can you see it?

Two days ago I was asked to submit some samples to Jack Daniels for a possible spot they are building about what we are doing during our quarantine. Instead, I just made my own little 30 second commercial about a few of the people I’m with during this on their ranch. I’m also writing and illustrating a book akin to the Dao of Pooh.

Here are some examples and also check out my website. Much of my work has been done in the real world even if you can’t tell.

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