WONDERLAND: “An imaginary place of delicate beauty or magical charm.”

The beauty of this world is that there are millions of dreamy ways to visualize it. For our Summer 2018 edition that will celebrate the magazine’s 2-year anniversary, you are invited to share with us your actual places or scenes of great or strange beauty or wonder. Show us your wonderland through photography, artwork, think pieces, and many other forms of expression!

Deadline: 8/3/18


Please note that this is for a print and digital publication in our Summer 2018 issue. If you have a work that isn’t related to the theme mentioned above, you can still submit it for an online publication on our website and social media. If you are a writer, a photographer, a hairstylist or a makeup artist who would like to join our team to work on interviews and photoshoots, please refer to our “join the team” section.
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