“Dogs are our best companions and they deserve love.” Grumpy Magazine speaks with Cindy Lee of DOGILY to discover more about the forward-thinking brand that will add another dimension to the relationship we have with our beloved furry friends.

VISUALS & WORDS: Jasmine Perrier at Studio J•T•P

This feature is produced in collaboration with DOGILY

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

Dogily was launched in 2021 by dog-lover friends with the intention of celebrating the human-animal connection and making pet owners’ life easier. For Cindy Lee, the mind behind the brand, her very own corgi is one of the elements that inspired it all. “I decided to start my own brand after I started working in the e-marketing industry. As a dog-mum and a fashion-conscious shopper, the idea of matching outfits popped up in my mind [when] I tried looking for pet accessories online, but either they were too cute to match with my daily outfit or their price was going much over my budget. So one day, while talking with my team, we decided to create our own brand to serve those fashionable dog-mums like me!”

Reminiscing about the journey since debuting Dogily, the designer describes the overall experience as both personal and rewarding. “It’s amazing how fast time flies. Developing a brand is not easy, requires time, budget, and patience. I feel proud every time I see our community share with us the lovely pictures in which they and their fur babies are wearing our products and enjoying their time. Compliments from our customers and partners give me and my team so much confidence to continue developing products. Other than my dog, it’s the successful stories of other entrepreneurs that keep me motivated. Keep doing what you love or what you believe in.”

The brand’s signature silk collection, which includes a trio of subtle yet chic, soft, and quality accessories available in different patterns and colors, gives anyone the opportunity to look effortlessly cool and confident on any occasion. “We wanted the softest fabric on our pets, so silk was the first thing that popped into our minds. We are on the hunt for all the best materials because we want to build a brand for luxe and style in the pet industry, while trying to keep the price more affordable. We want to make sure our customers and their furry babies get the softest and luxury experience from us!”

The beauty of Dogily also lies in the versatility of every piece. Here, we paired the sensuous beige Serene hair scarf with the Elin rose gold pet tag, which goes hand in hand with the complementary Elin heart necklace that serves as a reminder that pets and humans complement each other. “When I dress in a style that looks good, I begin to feel good and I want to share this joy with my dog. Our matching scarves make outfit matching easier. Matching jewelry celebrates the furiendship. AirTag collar prevents pets from getting lost. Dogily is always here to help struggling pet owners solve problems.”

On top of that, Dogily commits to another mission: to help pave the way for a more sustainable fashion industry and do good together, especially through its partnership with i=Change. “Fashion industry always harms the environment. I want to prove that it can be sustainable in all ways and convey the message ‘Shop ethically’ to our customers. Thus, we tried to include an ethical meaning to Dogily by partnering with i=Change to protect wild animals, empower women and girls in less-privileged countries. Moreover, we work closely with our manufacturers to develop pet accessories with sustainable materials and a timeless design to reduce waste, eliminate plastics, and increase recycled content in our packaging. Our products are selectively handcrafted and guaranteed to be durable. In the future, we will keep partnering with animal rescues and charity organizations to contribute as much as we can to protect the environment and animals.”

One year after its launch, Dogily is set for groundbreaking steps in the local pet accessories market. “We want to continue spreading our idea of dog-and-me matching concept to every pet lover and we are currently developing more pet jewelry options as well as dog daily accessories like customized pet tags and dog collars. We will also have new hair cleaning products coming up very soon — please stay tuned! In the foreseeable future, we would love to see Dogily become the ultimate dreamland for pet owners where they effortlessly find great quality products for their pets. Whenever they have to shop for their pets, Dogily would be the first brand in their minds.” In September, Dogily will be partnering with non-profit organizations such as Animal League, Adopt-A-Dog, and Animal Protective League. “For International Dog Day, we invite you to adopt a dog from your local shelter, volunteer or make a small donation. If you have a dog, you can spoil them with new toys, snacks, outfits, and take pictures with them.”  

All featured accessories are available to buy online on (US & CANADA)


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