Get to know VillageOne, an innovative co-working space for creatives in New York

IMAGES: Lloyd Lenox for Grumpy Magazine
INTERVIEW: Jasmine Perrier

Founded by Chinese entrepreneur Vivienne Yang in 2018, VillageOne is a co-working space based in New York City created for the artistic minds. Aiming at supporting ‘‘open-mindedness, fairness, diversity, and respect for ideas and creativity’’,  VillageOne is committed to offering a unique community and peaceful space to creative thinkers and professionals while promoting innovation within the industry.

For those who are new to your project, could you briefly introduce VillageOne?

Located in the heart of SoHo, VillageOne’s mission is to create a truly unique community for the creative minds of New York, notably in the fields of design, fashion, photography and architecture. We are committed to providing the highest quality professional facilities, within reasonable price, which includes a fully equipped photo studio. Dedicated to building a community and curating art exhibitions, VillageOne helps to connect all forms of creative thinking defined in this city’s dynamic soul.

What drove you to found such a project for creative minds aiming at promoting individuality and artistic expression?

I have seen numerous unexciting offices from my past work experiences. People spend over 8 hours a day at the office and would like to realize their dreams by making incredible things happen. However, many offices are poorly designed which can only meet their basic needs. I believe that one-size-fit-all type of office situation needed to be changed. At VillageOne, we have various seating options, we are decorated by plenty of plants, and we provide a gallery-like working space with curated art exhibitions in the office. All these small touches are designed to provide a refreshing and inspiring work environment which motivates our members to look forward to going to work every morning.

What are you interested in promoting and spreading through VillageOne?

The best part of running a co-working space is we can meet the most diverse, inspiring and motivated people under our roof. Most of our members are entrepreneurs who runs a lean team. We would like to become a support system to our members – providing them with abundant resources such as marketing, investments, human resource, accounting and legal resources that are useful to these startups.

What made you think that a city like New York especially needed a co-working space like yours, focused on communications, fashion and photography?

New York is the capital of fashion, creativity and art in the world, and I couldn’t find a better city than New York to meet such a diverse group of people. People come to New York to pursue their dreams just like myself. The value of the city fits our goal perfectly, which are open-mindedness, fairness, diversity and respect to ideas and creativity. Soho is known as a mecca for artists, but there wasn’t a central place where creatives could come together. They needed a multi-purpose location to shoot their subjects, as well as sit down and work.VillageOne caters to artists, providing them resources and a community to bridge creativity with convenience.

Could you explain us a bit how VillageOne works, which may help potential future members, anyone interested in working at your space?

People usually ask about what VillageOne mean. The name itself explains everything. One as an individual, a beginning, a circle, an opportunity, a possibility. Simple but powerful – “One begets two, two begets three, three begets all things.” At VillageOne, we take pride in providing ONE space with the perfect merriment of affordability, best-in-class amenities, fostering of the arts, while offering a community that helps members meet their creative and professional pursuits through innovation, networking, and collaboration.

What are you hoping to accomplish and change in the industry with VillageOne?

With all the ONEs, I want to build a Village with our members. We are shaping the culture and builing the future of VillageOne together. We put great effort to connect these like-minded individuals and build this community like a big family. At VillageOne, our members frequently share ideas and can even create something amazing together. We also actively look for opportunities to bridge the needs of our members. For example, this month one of our member hosted an immersive movement workshop at our space, attracting many other members to join to explore body movement and challenge themselves creatively and intellectually.

What do you envision for the future, to keep developing VillageOne and its activity?

I want to build VillageOne in major creative cities around the world, where I believe can help our members grow. One goal is to build VillageOne as the hubs in these cities, where we can introduce our members’ products or works in different regions such as Asia. But overall, the core value of VillageOne is aligned with our talented members, not the number of locations we will have.


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