Emily Warren: “I feel lucky to pursue what makes me happiest”

Photo: Blythe Thomas

Emily is one of the most talented writers and singers we work with —James Sunderland (FRENSHIP)

We heard Emily Warren’s magical voice for the first time while we were listening to the song Until You Were Gone she did in 2015 with The Chainsmokers. Further to this collaboration with the very popular American electro-pop duo, she co-wrote Don’t Let Me Down with her loyal partner Scott Harris, an anthem they wanted to dedicate to the Coachella Vibes. Over time, the song became a real hit and last February the crew received a Grammy, the holy grail of the musicians. As a renowned songwriter not only in America but also in Europe, Emily helped international artists such as Shawn Mendes, Astrid S or Dua Lipa to express their deeper feelings through their music. “I feel lucky to pursue what makes me happiest” she says at the time her career knows a pivotal turn point.

Photos: Danilo Lewis

Emily was one of the first people who trusted us. Since we got to know her we never stopped keeping a close eye on her evolution. She assures us that she is currently having “the time of her life.” She spent the last few months traveling from arena to arena across America alongside her friends Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. Even though the Memories Do Not Open Tour has just come to an end, we can expect her to remain on the front of the stage as she meanwhile announced her solo debuts by releasing her single Hurt By You which today counts more than one million streams on Spotify. With this absolute musical sweetness reminding her to fully love without fear of risks, we discover step by step the artistic world of the 24 year-old artist. And when Emily only performs with her guitar, chills are even more present. “I’m planning on releasing a few more songs that are a snapshot of this time in my life” the New Yorker singer certifies us. We believe undoubtedly that other wonders will come our way.

Read her full interview in the April-May issue


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