Once upon a time in Hollywood

Hello one and all!

On last August 17th I was pacing up and down the streets of Hollywood with my backpack, camera and tripod. And the reason of my tour in the historical area renowned for its film studios was especially attractive. Indeed on that day I met the actor Cody Saintgnue for a special report… Actually I’d never have thought that I’d have done my first interview in direct contact. It’s time to talk about a day which looked promising.

Unsurprisingly D-day arrived quickly… However the fabulous world of Los Angeles disappeared in a split second. I spare you the full story of my race against the clock to find a car to reach in time Sunset Boulevard. Moreover, with the terrible LA traffic, the quest for the Uber vehicle hasn’t been made easier. But fortunately I found it and the driver did his best to meet my expectations. A short time later I was closer than ever from my objective: 5815 Sunset Boulevard; the offices of Luber Roklin Entertainment, the talent agency which represented Paul Walker. Welcomed by Cody in person, the serious stuff could begin…

As soon as I arrived, I was impressed. From the top of my 5,24 feet I noticed his huge height. Concerning the language barrier I had an apprehension to understand his words as I didn’t speak English fluently, but we met no problem to converse. To film the interview we settled down in the meeting room of the agency. With my notebook in my hand, I was ready for the questions! Besides, during the meeting, I had the feeling that I was talking to an old friend. In the middle of the shooting Emily from BathTimeTV met us. By the way, it was really nice to know her. Whereas she owns her show, she is a member of Cody’s YouTube team. I won’t reveal the reasons of her attendance as it was for the actor’s channel.

Once the first part of the interview was recorded, time had come for Cody to discover your questions and presents. Following this, he was grateful and didn’t stop proclaiming that marvelous fans. Due to lack of time he couldn’t read all your letters in front of me. Nevertheless I was there for the reading of some of them and he was touched by all this attention and the sweet words. It’s the same for the chocolates and works of art I had received. He was completely impressed! At the end of the meeting his manager, Mara Santino, thanks to whom all this project became a reality, came to say hello and we had a kind of afternoon snack together. On this occasion we tasted some of the sweetmeats from Bianca, an Austrian fan. Honestly Cody’s team is as admirable as him #dreamteam

Before it was time for both of us to leave, Cody offered me to plan another meeting before I got back to France. He mentioned a trip around Los Angeles in a convertible car with some people from his circle. While I received the email which confirmed the outing, I heard that it was cancelled at the last minute because the actor wasn’t able to come because of a personal problem. Nonetheless when I had him on phone, he tried to find a solution so that I see him during a short moment in the evening. But as the restaurant where he invited me wasn’t exactly the doorstep and that he couldn’t wait for me eternally, the last words we exchanged were by text messages.

Although the second appointment didn’t take place as expected, I’m still proud to have put my energy into this project. I can’t thank enough all the people who permitted that this adventure sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Moreover I don’t forget that I’ve been enough lucky to live this incredible experience at only 17. No doubt that it will help me a lot in the futur. So: A THOUSAND THANKS!

PS: Keep an eye on the blog to be the first informed when the first part of the interview will be posted. It could arrive much faster than expected! You can also still take part in the contest to win a photo signed by the actor. More informations here



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