Thorpe Park Resort

Hello one and all!

It was high time for me to tell you everything I lived during my two months of summer holidays in the course of which I had the opportunity to explore the world. To start my little tour, I went back last July in the lovely seaside resort called Bournemouth to visit my sister. During the stay we spent one day at Thorpe Park, a theme park located a few miles away from the English capital city. Thanks to Groupon we found a good plan to enjoy a nice and funny day. Are you ready for the ride?

Roller coasters lovers, if you pass by the London region and its surroundings, feel free to go to “this island like no other”. Believe me you’ll find happiness over there. The park isn’t so vast, that’s why you can easily go all over it and leave it after having done the main attractions. From Saw The Ride to The Swarm your search of powerful feelings will be satisfied. Even myself who usually don’t scream, I admit that when we did Stealth, it was hard to not yell out. Because you see, when you are launched at full speed to reach 80 mph in only 2 seconds, the anguish inside us appears quickly.

However if you are not psychologically ready to feel dizzy and to have your feet flying over the void, I advise you to go to Angry Birds Land which is a nice spot whose the decor is inspired from the famous games that we all have in our smartphones and tablet computers. Nevertheless we were a bit disappointed when we left I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here which celebrated its arrival this year. Let’s say that we didn’t really like the concept of putting ourselves in adventurers’ shoes in the middle of a wild jungle. To tell the truth, after having waited for a long time our turn, we expected a lot from this attraction. Having said that, everything depends on the tastes of each person. Some people will probably like it, others will be quickly catch by the boredom.

I apologize if there aren’t so many photos in this report. I just thought that videos were the best way to keep memories from this day and it was easier to bring it back to life through a vlog that you can find below. If I had a last word to add, I’d have written the pun I said in the French version but unfortunately it doesn’t work in English. So I’m just going to say that it was a really cool day!

Now it’s time for me to bring this article to an end. Very soon you’ll be able to discover a chapter that you expect a lot and that I look forward to share with you, I obviously mean my stay in Los Angeles with the interview of Cody Saintgnue!



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